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Hello and thanks for your interest.  The Magic Hands project is an experiment of sorts.  In my years of using energy to help people heal, I have learned to use it to help people far away if I'm unable to be with them in person.  Some call this activity "Remote Healing" and it can sometimes be very effective.  My family and friends have been enjoying my talents for a few years, so I'm confident that it works.  When people feel me working on them, they usually comment that it feels like my hands are on them... hence the 'Magic Hands' name.

If you are open to the idea of energy healing, remote healing is not too much more of a stretch.  To many, this may seem like magic, but to me it's just energy.

So... when I'm not trying to save the world, I write software.  I wrote a few apps for the Android phones, one called got Healer?, Magic Hands, Skin-tastic Magic, and a few others with the intention of giving people a thought provoking app. 

got Healer? and Magic Hands  ...As most people don't have time for meeting in person, I thought it would be handy to let the person use the camera in their phone to take a picture of where to put my hands.  In other words, "show me where it hurts."  The "got Healer" and Magic Hands apps were intended for "show me where it hurts" use. 

Skintastic Magic  ...When I was doing some healing work on an older lady one day, I noticed that when I was finished, her skin looked younger.  Less wrinkled.  So we experimented a bit and verified that the energy coming from my hands can be applied to the skin for beauty rather than just for 'healing' something.  The Magic Hands app is intended for any use, but especially for working on skin - acne, blemishes, wrinkles, sagging, etc.  I'm up for trying if you're willing to take some before and after pics.

Please use any of the apps to send pictures.  I will only write you back if you want me to.  When i recieve your picture(s) I will focus energy on you wherever you took the picture of.  This is a freebie - only costing you the pic and hopefully an after pic if you have a visible change in your skin - so if you do have results you know where to reach me.

If you or another is helped, please feel free to throw some change into the hat.  Thanks!

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All apps are based on using the phone camera to send me a target for remote healing, viewing, and energy work.
Can't come to me?  I'll come to you ~ in Spirit. 
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